New York City

Generally, the cost of doing business is so high in NYC, in order to be competitive with other places, you need some help from the government.  A Plea to Keep Cameras Rolling in New York.

At a news conference at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, dozens of film and television workers gathered on Monday to ask politicians to expand the incentive program offered to their industry in the past few years, not scale it back as planned.

The program, which offers studios tax credits from the city and state for up to 35 percent of the production costs — 30 percent from the state and 5 percent from the city — has been so successful that the state has already paid out the $690 million that was to last through 2013.

Perhaps it would be best to find a way for New York (or New  York City) to become cost competitive with other areas.  Find out why you can not film here and work out those issues instead of taking money from those areas of the economy that are cost competitive and subsidizing those that are not.

And where else would you film a show shot in NYC you ask?

Beth Kushnick, the set decorator for the science fiction drama “Fringe,” which is relocating to Vancouver in May, said the show had 200 workers here, most of whom would lose their jobs.

The strangest part of the article, however, was the last paragraph,

And then there is the global effect. Maxine Kaplan, president of the Prop Company — Kaplan & Associates, said that two of the seven workers she employs are from Tibet and depend on their salaries to send money to relatives overseas.

Would not a Tibetian employee working in Vancouver still be able to send his proceeds to his native country, not even mentioning the issue of tax incentives in New York for money that is to then be sent overseas?


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