Speaking of bailouts, someone sent this to me a while ago but I am just getting around to commenting on it now.  While those in Washington DC rail on those in the financial services industry for excessive pay, does it strike any of them as odd, perhaps even hypocritical, that five of the counties with the highest median household income are part of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area?  The New York City Metropolitan Area only has three of the ten.  Perhaps one region of the country is making a disproportionate amount of the income in this country?  And how does a region that does not produce anything have such a level on income?

1     Loudoun County, Virginia            $107,207
2     Fairfax County, Virginia                $105,241
3     Howard County, Maryland           $101,672
4     Somerset County, New Jersey      $97,658
5     Morris County, New Jersey           $94,684
6     Douglas County, Colorado              $92,824
7     Montgomery County, Maryland  $91,835
8     Nassau County, New York               $89,782
9     Prince William County, Virginia    $87,243
10     Santa Clara County, California    $84,360

via Wikipedia


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