The Dollar

Paco Ahlgren has a four point plan on why the dollar is going to fall, The End of the U.S. As We Know It: Tracking the Dollar Downward.  His conclusion,

The demise of the dollar is imminent, and there aren’t a whole lot of different scenarios that could play out. I’ve established that the amount of currency in the system — especially once multiplied — is going to result in rising prices and rates. Likewise, the massive amount of existing and future debt is going to demand higher and higher yields. So which one is going to to lead the downward charge? My guess is the Treasury bubble will continue to unwind and this will damage the dollar’s integrity — after which the imminent rise in prices and rates caused by inflationary printing will only be exacerbated. Of course the dollar could start to weaken in anticipation of these rising prices and rates, pushing Treasuries lower.


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