New York City.

Following close on the heels of yesterday’s NYC posts, the New York Times has an article, In Union Square, Copper Is Easy Pickings.  Perhaps the modern day “Broken Windows Theory” has become the “Stripping Salvage Parts Theory”.

A half-dozen large copper panels have been stripped, from the ground up, off the two-story building, which has been vacant since a restaurant there closed in October 2007. Sheets of stained plywood are exposed up to about 10 feet high. Above that, the panels are intact. The stripping began in September, according to Bonnie Gold, a partner in RAB Realty, which owns the building. And there have been thefts at the building since then. Mounted lanterns have disappeared from the exterior, and someone broke in and looted copper pipes from the building’s three kitchens, Ms. Gold said.

Those comments might be facetious as there are real concerns from those who have been “there” before.

For those who have lived and worked by Union Square Park for years, the thefts are a troubling reminder of the 1980s, when crime was prevalent, says Gloria Chan, who manages Disc-o-Rama, a nearby music store.

“It’s sad because it destroys the image of the neighborhood,” said Ms. Chan, who has worked there since 1980. “It’s supposed to be getting better and not worse.”


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