Falkenblog pulls a gem from a Washington Mutual press release from 2001:

In connection with its merger with Dime, Washington Mutual recently established a ten-year, $375 billion community commitment which targets funding to low- and moderate-income borrowers, and minority borrowers, as well as direct investments and other forms of support in communities where the company operates…

Not sure if many would think, at this point in time, that this was such a great idea.  Falkenblog looks at this in the context of future government funds being distributed in the form of bailouts.

If the entire banking sector was making these pledges, how, possibly, could one actually meet this objective without creating a huge system of favors, with vested interests at every level (government, business, nonprofit, regulatory, academic)? More importantly, how could it not end in a huge number of bad loans? That it took so long to implode is the most amazing thing.

I suspect that with this kind of money flowing out of Washington, we are creating a vast, dysfunctional patronage system that will create a nightmare of make-work jobs that will be around until I’m dead.


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