New York City

This is an article about emigration from California to other states, Go East, Young Man?, which is an interesting read and segues with the Municipal Bankruptcy post from earlier.  What caught my interest was that New York had the second highest rate of emigration.

The state with the next-highest net loss through migration between states was New York, which lost just over 126,000 residents.

Since New York has a smaller overall population than California, I imagine that the emigrees count for a larger portion of the population.  However, of note, is that the data set is for the year ending July 1, 2008.  From my personal experience in the NYC, this number is going to be siginificantly higher going forward.  All too often I have been getting emails from friends and accquaintances offering up “going away parties” before they leave.  This doesn’t every touch on upstate New York, which, from what I hear, has been experiencing a similiar situation on perhaps an even larger scale.


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