Sign of the Times

While many people are focused on the economic news here in the United States, things in the rest of the world are going to hell in a handbasket as well.  In Ireland for example, Debtonation comments that

One newspaper headline declared yesterday that in this country of just 5 million people, 5,000 are being laid off every week.

For those not so numerically inclined, that 1% of the population every 10 weeks.

So when the going gets tough, what do the Irish do?  They leave. From the, immigration rules for various countries around the world (Goodbye All Over Again) (also from Detonation).

DURING THE 1980s, when Ireland was in the throes of a dreadful recession and high unemployment, the then minister for foreign affairs (the late Brian Lenihan), famously observed: “We can’t all live on a small island.” People left in droves. But back then, the world was a very different place and Irish emigrants were spoilt for choice and opportunity.

The 2009 recession is hitting most economies worldwide. So what are the options for emigrants and what are the rules for Irish people trying to move to various countries?


UPDATE: Double yikes.

Also from, Warning That House Prices May Fall By 80%.

In a presentation that drew several collective intakes of breath, Mr Kelly predicted that house prices would fall by 80 per cent from peak to trough in real terms.


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