New York City

A series of muggings in the West Village was the topic of discussion amoung some friends in bar last week in, of all places, the West Village.  Some felt this was just the case of a few bad apples, who would be quickly apprehended, and sure enough, the New York Post announced yesterday that the “Village Vermin Busted“.

Other present though were more ominous, feeling that perhaps NYC has taken a turn for the worse.  Taxes are on the increase as the city and state begin to cut services amid decreasing revenues.  Murder, rapes, and robberies are all up or flat from last years, after several years of a downward trend, acoording to NYPD statstics (PDF warning).

Today opens the question “Rash of Muggings a Return to Old Times?” which highlights not only the West Village incidents, but also happenings in the East Village and Central Park.  A few incidents a trend does not make and only time will tell.

See also my comments here New York City.


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